Issue 1: Homecoming postponed until declared safe

SGA’s usual plans come to a pause in the midst of COVID-19

Juno Le, Online Managing Editor

The fall Homecoming season, typically filled with dancing shoes and sparkly dresses, is instead filled with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Due to COVID-19’s safety precautions, Robinson’s Homecoming has been postponed until it is safe for students to attend.

“In a typical year, SGA sponsors all sorts of events, including planning and putting on pep rallies, spirit themes for football games, teacher appreciation events and gifts, and the biggest SGA event of all, Homecoming,” Student Government Association sponsor Thomas DuSold said.

Typical Homecoming traditions at Robinson include spirit week, homecoming court, a homecoming game, Excalibur in the stone and the Homecoming dance. An SGA-organized spirit week was held Oct. 26 to Oct. 30, but did not precede a Homecoming game.

“I am not going to say we won’t have a Homecoming. One of the many things Mr. Bhoolai and I are in agreement on is that as soon as it is safe and we are cleared, some kind of Homecoming is happening,” DuSold said.

The 2020-2021 school year has changed in many ways due to COVID-19. Part of the school’s students are conducting their schooling from home with eLearning, contact tracing is enforced and students are missing out on many of the events that once brightened up the school year.

SGA usually raises most of their income at the beginning of the year from the annual Homecoming dance, collecting between $15-20K to fund their plans for the rest of the year. COVID-19’s interception of this year’s Homecoming season cuts the SGA’s annual funding and thus their ability to sponsor events and school-wide organizations are reduced. Instead of a Homecoming, SGA has focused their efforts on more capable impact, such as a school beautification project and the spirit week.

“The students of [Robinson] deserve to have a real homecoming, to have a real celebration where we all dress up and have a great time, now more than ever. So when we get the green light to do something like that, we will,” DuSold said.