Issue 1: Q&A: what does it mean to be a freshman in 2020?

An eLearner and brick and mortar student compare their freshman experiences so far at RHS


Photo Anna Woodward

A graphic illustration depicting students doing eLearning and students doing brick and mortar.

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

Going back to school has taken unusually longer to adapt to than previous years, and for good reason. Consequently, freshmen are entering a new school with some of their peers-and even teachers-online. RHSToday sat down with Giovanni Zayas (’24) and Gracie Kurtz (’24) to talk about the differences of starting a new school as an eLearner and as a brick and mortar student.

Q: Why did you choose eLearning or in-person?

GZ: “I wanted to do in person, but my mom made me do eLearning.”

GK: “I chose in-person learning because I can’t focus on schoolwork when I’m at home, and I learn better in an environment with other people.”

Q: How has this experience impacted your perception of RHS so far?

GZ: “Robinson is so much better than my middle school…the people are as nice as I thought they would be but it seems a lot harder online.”

GK: “Honestly I didn’t really have a perception of RHS before, I learned that it existed when the IB presentation came to Coleman in like October. RHS is pretty cool though, I like the catwalk and stairwell.”

Q: What did you expect going into freshman year? Has that changed at all?

GZ: “I expected myself to actually be at school, but other than that I expected the same [things].”

GK: “I didn’t expect much, maybe more people? Or at least louder people, everyone seems pretty chill and quiet in classes. I’m sure that’s not always true but in most of my classes you could hear a pin drop if the teacher isn’t talking.”

Q: Do you think your choice of learning has impacted connecting with new peers and teachers? If so, how?

GZ: “Yes. I don’t know why but asking teachers for help online is awkward and I hate it. I still made friends but I would’ve made a lot more if [I] actually got to go to school.”

GK: “Yeah, I don’t think I’ve connected to people as much as I would’ve liked yet, but I would be a lot more isolated if I chose online learning.”

Q: Although this is only the second month of school, is there anything you wish you could do back and tell yourself before school started?

GZ: “I wish I could’ve told myself ‘do the work’ so I wouldn’t be as behind as I am now.”

GK: “No, not really.”

Q: Describe your school experience this year so far in one word.

GZ: “Stressful.”

GK: “Chill.”