Issue 1: Swinging out of the golf season

This year’s rundown on all things golf

Hanna Malone, Sports Editor

Though golf is a quiet sport, typically muted behind football, soccer, and basketball, the Robinson golf team has accomplished some noteworthy feats this season.

Consisting of only ten members, the team has finished as a district runner-up behind Jesuit High School and advanced on to regionals since the start of their season in August.

Regionals were held at the Port Charlotte golf club on October 19. They finished nine out of twelve in the competition.

“I felt extremely blessed to be able to play the great game of golf with such an amazing group of guys.” Justin Seo (‘21) responded when asked about his reaction to qualifying for districts at Temple Terrace.

This year, each of the team’s eight returning players improved their technique and overall performance in matches in comparison to last season. Every golfer has decreased their scoring average, some as many as ten strokes and nine holes.

“My goals as a coach are to give my greatest effort every day and get every golfer to show improvement over the season,” Said Kevin McCray, the coach of the boys’ golf team. “We want to build the sport at Robinson to the point where middle school golfers “want” to come play here as they are transitioning into high school athletics.”

A large portion of the team are IB students, and three of them are also on the baseball team, so it can be taxing trying to divide time between athletics and academics. But they all manage to do so:

“We share three players with baseball, so it can be tough to split their practice times and be IB students,” said Coach McCray, “Still, we have eight guys that routinely shoot in the 40s, with some that can go into the 30s. I have nothing to say but good things about all my players and their performance this year. ”

Due to COVID-19’s continued prevalence, the season was cut short by about half, as both school and athletics began later during the year.

“Obviously, our season was affected with the ongoing pandemic,” Said Gage Ferris (’21), “but we made compromises and found a way to have a full season. Though this year wasn’t exactly how I would’ve liked for my final season to be conducted, I’m still appreciative of the teammates I got to experience it with and wish them mothing but the best for next year.”