Issue 3: Editor’s Letter

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

May I just say that this issue has been so fun to work on, despite the seriousness of some of its coverage. This issue has taught us balance, nodding to the light-hearted journalism of writing reviews and the mature writing style necessary to cover widespread community issues.

This was the first time that I directly wrote the front page story  (along with Zoe). The subtle pressure of being the first thing readers see was there, but bringing light to an important issue that those around us were eager to finally talk about was a reward all in its own.

Along with this issue’s editorial, we covered some pretty fiery subjects; to some extent, you could call them controversial. I wonder when, or even if, we’ll get backlash. But life isn’t always positive, and neither is journalism. What matters is expression, and confronting what otherwise might be too anxious to talk about.