Issue 3: Softball Senior Night Ends With a Win For the Knights

Knights defeat Riverview Sharks 11-3


Photo Anna Woodward

Kouhana Pousson (’23) is cheered on by her teammates as she takes to the field.

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

Families lined up on the field with teary eyes and smiling faces. The seniors grabbed their bouquets and joined them, laughing as their senior speeches were read. Within a few minutes, bats replaced bouquets as the team took to the field. The Robinson Lady Knights faced the Riverview Sharks on March 2, ultimately defeating them 11-3.

Olivia Van Zandt (’21) was the starting pitcher, quickly bringing the total to two outs shortly after the game began. But the Sharks managed to start the game strong, racking up two runs in the top of the first inning. In no time, Robinson made up for the lost points and tied the game after Alexis Lantrip (’21) stepped up to bat. Her hit allowed the team to finish running the bases, setting a foundation for the rest of the game.

“It felt amazing to have such a big hit my first at bat to give our team the lead,” Lantrip said. “I think it set the tone for our team.”

For the next six innings, the Knights maintained a consistent lead as Riverview only managed to score one more run. Riley Onisawa (’23) had the crowd cheering when she hit a home run that brought the score to 2-7. For a player whose freshman season was cut short, this was a memorable moment for Onisawa.

“I never thought I would hit a home run last night,” Onisawa said. “I was making sure I at least got a good solid hit to win the game and score some runs…before the game I told Jordan Stephens…if I hit a home run it will be for my seniors.”

Thanks to their lead, the Knights were able to end the game at the top of the seventh, leaving campus with an added win to their now 3-2 record. As their seasons intensifies, so will games throughout March against Middleton, Plant, Jefferson, Durant, Alonso and Chamberlain.