Issue 3: Why You Should Go Out Of State For College

Going out of state is worth the extra effort


Photo Olivia Godinez

Graphic of a recent graduate confused on where to go.

Olivia Godinez, Opinion Editor

Its around that time of year when seniors are making their final decisions on where they want to go for college. Creating the pros vs. cons list, thinking about what’s farthest away and what’s closest. One of the hardest questions to answer is: should I go out of state? To that, I say yes.

Of course, going out of state for college is a difficult decision to make, and it is not an accessible choice for many students. If going out of state isn’t an option for you, don’t sweat it! There are plenty of good opportunities and reasons to stay within your state of residency rather than going out of state. But, if you’re considering out of state, here is your extra push to go.

Moving out of your hometown for college offers students many academic, career and social opportunities. By broadening your college search to schools outside of your area, you open yourself up to more academic programs and scholarships. Why put all your eggs in one basket? By looking at out of state schools, you also find more career options for yourself.

Maybe FSU doesn’t have a Journalism program, and USF’s options aren’t for you; but Northwestern University in Illinois is one of the top schools for Journalism in the country. Why change your life path when you could just change where you live? Moving away also allows you to see different parts of the world and experience diversity you may not be accustomed to.

Going out of state enables students to gain more independence from parents and family. Being an out-of-state student allows you to get on your feet and fend for yourself faster. By leaving your home state for college, you are pushed into independence and are able to grow and mature at a more rapid rate. I know it can sound scary, but you learn to be more professional and successful before your peers–that’s something to hold over their heads at the five year reunion.

By leaving your own state, you have a better chance of meeting new people. At an in-state school, you have a higher chance of going to school with the kids you grew up with, which may be a pro or a con depending on your view. If you want a chance to meet new people, going out of state is a great opportunity for you.

You’re also able to explore different parts of yourself you’ve never been able to before. Many people struggle to be the same person everyone thinks they are all throughout high school. College is a great way to grow and be the person you want to be wherever you go, but going out of state allows you to adjust to your new self more thoroughly.

Going out of state is a big jump for many people, but if you think you’re ready… go for it!