Issue 3: Online Shopping Can’t Compare To The Real Thing

The mall is the way to go

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

I usually go to the mall at least once a month. The mall is a place I enjoy going to. I usually go to treat myself, just simply window shop, or go there to eat. Compared to online shopping, I prefer physically going to the mall rather than ordering things online.

The mall has a bigger variety than online shopping. Sure, you can shop online in the comfort of your own bed but you have stores next to more stores with lots and lots of things to choose from.

You can physically see the products you’re getting rather than not worrying if what you bought is the exact same when it’s mailed to you. When you shop online it may look nice and pretty but sometimes it’s way different than how you saw it in the pictures. Going to the mall, I see everything and I’m not catfished by an image.

I also don’t have to worry about paying for shipping. Shipping can get pretty pricy for some items but there’s no need if I’m actually there. Sure, there are taxes but it’s not as much compared to the shipping prices.

Plus, I love the mall food. If I’m at the mall around dinner time I’m getting the food there for dinner. You have the alternative of buying clothes and eating good food.

I’m not as lazy when I go to the mall. It’s somewhere I go for a few hours. If I want to go somewhere to kill time, I go to the mall and just look around. Each time I go there’s something different and never the same things I see.

You don’t even have to go to the mall to shop, you can also go there just to look at things. When I go to the mall with a few friends we don’t even buy anything, we walk around, catch up on our lives and have fun without spending any money.

When going to the mall on the right day, there are some really good deals. Some days the mall is really empty so I usually find really cute products or clothes for a really low price. If a store is closing down and needs to get rid of the things in there, they will drop all the prices so customers can come and grab things. You usually don’t have that kind of leniency shopping online.

Shopping online and going to the mall can be a hard choice to choose from for certain people but the mall just has more choices rather than shopping online.