Issue 4: Editor’s Letter

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

Four issues later, and we’ve made it! There’s no better way to start this letter by thanking our amazing staff and, of course, Ms. Oben. Our print issues this year have been classic, creative, and challenging at times. Jenny, Meena, Olivia, Hanna, Amelia, and Ella, give yourselves many pats on the backs. Future editors, I hope you can look at this as the culmination of lots of stress and lots of fun.

I’ve always gravitated towards online. But print is different and exciting in its own way–reflecting the stereotype of a deadline ready to pounce. On that note, another shoutout to Amelia Foster, because when it comes to print, what can’t she do? To complement this issue to Amelia Foster.

That’s all. I wish I could write more, but we simply don’t have space. For the last time, this shall be a lesson in consolidating my words and hopefully still getting my enthusiasm across.