ISSUE 1: Defensive Showdown Against Middleton At Homecoming Game

While they were close, Robinson lost their homecoming game 15-12.


Photo Allie Barton

Robinsons varsity football huddle to discuss on what to-do next.

Grace Hilton, Staff Writer

The Knights and their division rival, The Middleton Tigers, end in a close match on Friday, Oct. 1. By the end of the game, the Tigers managed to run down the clock to their win. The Knights lost their homecoming game 15-12 as Middleton pulled together the game.

Knights successfully started the game, going strong in the first and second quarter and putting the first points on the board. During the third quarter, Robinson started to lose their grip at Middleton’s score was increasing. The home team crowd that initially had high hopes began to get nervous.

The game was very engaging to watch. Robinson may have had a few touchdowns, but managed to miss just as many catches. The opposing side took advantage of that and carried their team to a win.

Despite this loss, the Knights have managed to put up a good defense and provide a competitive game.

“We are practicing very hard. I think we are progressing well,” Coach Marlo said.

With the next game is the last home game, there is one more chance for the school to defend Robinson football on home turf.

“I like what I saw, from what I saw in the matchup,” team manager Vince Garibaldi said,”…but I’m happy for where we’re going and I see something special happening at Spoto.”