ISSUE 1: Friday Night Lights with the Knights

Five Knights explain what they do to get ready for a football game.

Zoe Thaxton, Online Managing Editor

Football games are one of the most important things about high school. Those “Friday Night Lights” with the cheering crowd will leave long-lasting memories and friends for many students. Much of the student body at Robinson gets involved every week. Whether they’re in band, on the field playing or in the stands cheering, everyone has their own routine to get themselves ready.

RHSToday asked five students the following:

How do you prepare for each game? Any pregame rituals/activities?

Alex Galvin (’23): student section
“For me, football games are a really fun way to show my school spirit, so I like to go all out. I recently started wearing the knight outfit to all the home games and it’s been really fun hyping people up! Usually, I grab dinner before the game, then head straight over around 7-7:15 so I can be there early for when my friends get there. Then when we go in, I walk through the stands, getting people hyped up for the game and continue that spirit the rest of the night.”

Photo Juno Le

Gunner Gibson (’22): football punter
“Before each game, I join the team for the pregame meal. Then I normally walk around and listen to my playlist with Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber and Pitbull a.k.a Mr. Worldwide to help get in the zone. Then around 5:45, I go to the field, stretch and start to warm up until it is time for the game to begin.”

Robinson Knights kicker Gunnar Gibson (’22) practicing his punts for the game against East Bay during halftime (Photo JC Thaxton)

Giselle Denson (’23): cheer
“I personally don’t do anything before games other [than] getting ready with a friend and as a team, we practice before every game…”

giselle denson
Cheerleader Giselle Denson (’23) showing her spirit during her routines. (Photo JC Thaxton)

Sara Valencia (’24): band
“I prepare for every game by putting on my uniform. We have this dumb game where we hang wooden clothespins on each other’s back, and we sometimes play games like duck duck goose, etc. t0 wait for call time. It makes me feel relaxed ad ready to give knight pride and spirit.”


Gabby Toranzo (’25): Starlet
“…I eat candy before every game. I don’t really know if candy actually does this, but for me, it calms the adrenaline and anxiety of the show.”

Photo Juno Le