ISSUE 1: Green Grows in Leadership

Senior member of the cross country team returns from injury.


Photo Grace Hilton

Pushing forward and beating the rest. Henry “Hank” Green (’22) running toward the sunlight in front of two other runners. He had a time of 20:01.40. Green said, “I did pretty good for this season, but I’m not really happy with it because I can be a lot faster.”

Keirra McGoldrick, Staff Writer

Henry “Hank” Green is a Senior on Robinson High School Cross Country team. Green was on the cross country team since his sophomore year. Now as a senior, Green has since been nominated to the captain of the team.

Green had a big setback when he got injured his junior year and is “playing catch up” to get back on track for this year.

“I was out for six months so now I have to remake up all the ground rules,” Green said.

It’s been hard for him to get back up to his season-best where he placed 27th  out of 77 runners at the Western Hillsborough Invitational.

“Leading the boys cross country team is rewarding to me, it is awesome to watch as my boys improve through[out] the season,” Green said.

Even though he loves being on the team he describes his senior year as “slow and surreal.” Green sees himself as a sort of a role model to the other boys on the team.

“I have to keep all my boys inline which is harder sometimes [because] they don’t really know what they are doing so I have to bring them up and help know what to do.”

He wants future teams to remember him as the “cool captain”.

Roman Montero, a sophomore teammate of Green’s, has some things to say about Green’s leadership.

“Hanks been a really good leader. He knows what he is doing,” Montero said. “He’s good at keeping us hype and making sure we’re focused at practices.”

It’s safe to say that Green is good at keeping his team in line.

“[Green] encourages me to stay more determined during my runs to stay focus more and to put my all, even into training runs” Montero said.

As Montero said, the cross country team looks up to Green and his “cool captain” title fits glamorously.

Staff writer Araya Stearns contributed to the reporting of this article.