ISSUE 1: How to have the perfect Halloween party

A guide to the best Halloween party!

Sarai Cochran, Senior Staff Writer

What’s Halloween without a Halloween party? Halloween is a day where you dress up as whoever you want and to eat as much candy as you want and why not have guidance on how to have the best party at home?

The most obvious thing to prepare for your Halloween party is to have a costume. You can’t throw a party and not have a costume on while everyone else is dressed up. Don’t be afraid to go all out either, you’re the host/hostess of this party, so you have to be the spotlight.

Decorations are one of the most important things to have at your party. You don’t want to have a crazy amount of decorations, but you want people to look at your place and want to walk inside, expecting to have a good time. Some good decorations could be a skeleton sitting on the front porch in a chair, spider webs, wall decorations, bats, pumpkins etc. There’s so many decoration options around Halloween you’d never not have an idea of what it should look like.

Another very important thing to have at your Halloween party is food and drinks. It could be homemade or it could be bought depending on preference. You could also have guests bring in there own dish that’s Halloween themed too. There’s things like strawberry chocolate ghosts, spider cookies, or mummy hotdogs. There’s an endless amount of ideas to do.

A party isn’t a party without music. If your throwing a party where everyone is dancing then dancing music would be great. However if everyone is just hanging around talking, you could play Halloween themed music for Halloween spirit.

Having games at a party is an amazing idea. It keeps your guests interested and wanting to stay longer. Make sure to have games that has everyone playing and games that keeps everyone busy. You could play a game called “beer pong” but instead of alcohol have it swapped out for juice or a sparkling drink. Or you could play twister where everyone can participate and have a good time.

A party doesn’t have to be big with people everywhere. A party could be just with a few friends who want to have a really nice time and enjoy themselves. A party also doesn’t have to to have to be engulfed in Halloween, the less the better but just make sure it’s what draws people in.

A Halloween party is a great yearly thing to do. You can have different themes for different years and make memories doing so.