ISSUE 1: Julia Giarelli, a Knightmare on the Golf course

A dedicated and strong leader of the Knights Golf Team!

Isabella Gonzalez, staff writer

Senior Julia Giarelli, captain of the golf team, has been on the team for all four years of high school, and she’s loved every minute of it.

“I love playing golf. The coach is amazing, and honestly has made golf amazing for me,” she said.

She enjoys the hard work and dedication it takes to be team captain; a split leadership between her coach and herself, allowing her to call the shots.

“I like how my coach runs everything by me and asks for my opinion, he trusts me and that makes me feel appreciated for all the work I’ve put into golf,” Giarelli said.

One of her fonder memories from golf was at Districts last year when she played her best round yet feeling as though all her practice and hard work payed off for that very moment: when she hit that perfect shot and her club made a ‘crisp’ noise. “it’s so gratifying” Giarelli said.

As an IB student, Giarelli has to balance her time between practicing consistently to get better at golf to try and make it to states but also has ‘buckets’ of homework every-night. She manages by doing her homework during free time in school to be able to put her best foot forward in golf practice. “To be honest, I end up going to bed kind of later than normal but I’ve been keeping up with everything so far” Giarelli said.

Giarelli feels very confident about this season. She believes they will make it to regionals and play well there to hopefully make it to states. “We’ve been off to a good start so I hope we can keep that going” said Giarelli.