ISSUE 1: Preview: Broadway Knights

Robinson’s troupe #2660 has hosted “Broadway Knights” for seven years, and the eighth annual production will be held October 20 and 21 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

This year will be a comeback for troupe #2660. Last year, their show was moved online last minute.

“Well, mostly I’m just so excited that we get to perform live in front of a real audience again. Last year it was so disheartening for the troupe having to move performances to zoom last minute,” said Ava LeClair (’23), the IB troupe Vice President.

This was new to everyone, and many people felt it took away from the overall experience of seeing a live show.

However, this year the show will be in person and the troupe has big plans. Because it will be held in person, there is also expected to be more people to see all the talent that the crew has to offer. There are many new members of the crew that show big potential and promise.

“I’m most excited about the new people we have, especially our crew who I know is going to do amazing things this year with the lights, sounds, backgrounds and costumes,” said Ea Leonard (’22), the traditional troupe Vice President.

Since their show last year was cut short in some aspects, the troupe is eager to showcase all of the talents that the members have.

“Broadway Knights, a variety show, which is going to happen this month, will have such amazing talent in the show so I think people should definitely check it out!” Leonard said, expressing her excitement for this year’s show.

Aside from Broadway Knights, troupe #2660 also hopes to have more upcoming shows throughout the year.

“I’m also excited to do Chicago in the Spring because that will be fun,” Leonard said.