ISSUE 1: What’s in This Fall?

Must-haves in your wardrobe this fall!


Briana Garcia, Staff Writer

We’re finally in fall and wondering what to wear…or more specifically what’s in trend right now. Taking advantage of the cool weather arriving soon, we can now wear long sleeves and pants without sweating to death.

Fall Colors 

Dark natural tones are a great way to match your outfit regardless if they do actually match. Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Brown, Beige, or anything that gives a dingy but put together look. Simple colors but textures are key. Incorporate different textures like suede, velvet, and wool in your outfits.

Knitted sweaters

Knitted sweaters are a great look if you don’t want to do much but still look good and comfortable. Vintage sweaters are typically easily to find and all have their own uniqueness

Button up shirts

All around the school, you can see students expressing themselves in their jacket or button up shirt choice since its a lightweight option (because it is still Florida and its very hot). Cool button ups are super simple to find and add an extra touch to outfits.













70’s Jeans

Many different “vintage” or retro style of jeans are coming back in style. The most popular this year are a high waisted 70’s wide leg, low-rise flare jeans and just the simple baggy jeans.













Plaid Pants

Time and time again have plaid pants made their comeback but now with a twist. They’ve been seen in shorts, flares, and more!

Gold jewelry 

The part many don’t typically think about is jewelry or, more specifically, accessorizing. Gold jewelry really ties together an outfit together whether its statement earrings or layered necklaces. Gold has made its way to becoming more and more common since its a universal color and great for neutral, fall tones.

Vintage Tees

A simple designed tee is always a great to look comfy and cute. For a more upbeat look, tie up the tee and pair it with some high-rise jeans. Even a baggy look is a great look paired with flare pants.


Our generation has become very big on shoes. Some great options to spice up the look are converse (as a more affordable option) or really top it off with a pair of Nike Dunk’s or Jordan 4’s.