Issue 2: Oh The Places We’ll Miss

As Robinson is soon to be reconstructed the Knights reminisce on their favorite places around the school.

Julia Guillermo and Araya Stearns

As Robinson is underway for construction the students have only a few weeks before they will be transferred into portables for the next year and a half. Although the students at Robinson are looking forward to the remodeling of the school, there are many individuals who have expressed how they will miss certain aspects of the old campus.

To make light of the situation, both IB and traditional students had the opportunity to share some of their favorite places to hang out around Robinson. For many, this brought back the fond memories each individual spent during the school day, whether that was at the open courtyard, the gym, or a teacher’s classroom. As the students spend the majority of their time attending school,  it is important that they are in an environment where they feel comfortable, which is why the majority of students have grown to enjoy a designated area within the school. Although students are saddened about the demolition, they are looking forward to creating new memories once the school is complete.

Fortunately, the current students will always have a piece of the old Robinson building to reminisce about long after they graduate. This is an exciting time for Robinson, but also bitter-sweet as students take in some of their last moments in the original T.R Robinson building.

“I will miss the English hallway the most because it is my favorite subject” Tara Kuklen (’24)

“My favorite part of Robinson that I’m going to miss is the Aerospace building because it’s really fun and we get to fly planes…” Mia Reineke(’23)

“My favorite spot to hang out around Robinson is Ms. Sasser’s classroom because I like Ms. Sasser and I get to be in there by myself and not be around people” Christal Rolack (’22)

“My favorite spot is the courtyard, because usually around fall and winter it’s really nice, so you get to do homework outside,” Trinavy Le (’22)

” The part that I’m going to miss about Robinson is probably having snow cones and playing music during lunch” Keira Person (’22)

“I like the cafeteria because it’s where everyone else is. I’m going to miss actual buildings because we’re going to be in portables,” Ryan LeClair (’24)

“I will miss the outside patio in front of the cafeteria the most because there’s a lot of memories there and I like when the sun beats down on me when I’m eating my turkey sandwich,” Brianna Stearns (’22)

“I’m going to miss the culinary building the most because I have a lot of memories [there],” Cameron Duss (’22)

“My favorite place to hang out at Robinson is Ms. Marazzo’s room because she has this space mural on the window and I think it looks really cool,” Jordayn Curry (’22)

“My favorite spot is the cafeteria because they got food all the time.” Richard Furey (’23)

“What I’m going to miss about the old school is the old look of it, because it’s nostalgic even though I am not from that time. It has a cool feel to it with the old floors and walls and if you stepped into the bathrooms it looks 50 years old, which is kind of cool in its own sense because old things are kind of cool,” Connor Trimble (’23)

“My favorite thing about Robinson high school is how the lunchroom looks so beautiful and I think it’s a nice touch to the already outdoor school.” Malik Jordan (’22)

“My favorite place is Ms. Obens room because it’s very big and there’s a couch. Also, another of my favorite places is the vending machine…because the drinks are really good,” David Hughes (’22)

” I’m going to miss the IB math and science hallway because those are my two favorite classes,” Jeremiah Sawyer (’24)

“My favorite part of the school is the field because that’s where we make a lot of memories, especially playing sports,” Adriana Williams (’23)