ISSUE 2: All I want for Christmas is…

A gift-guide to get the perfect present for your people.


Photo Allie Barton

A graphic made on Canva

Allie Barton, Social Media Editor

‘Tis the season of giving! The Christmas season is finally here! With this exciting holiday approaching us, what is in right now that people want? Here is your how-to guide on what to get a friend or any typical teenager in 2021.

For the shoe category, buying a pair of white or black shoes is essential for someone’s closet and I feel it would be an appreciated gift. The classic Nike Air Force Sage Low is a simple route for white shoes if you are not well-versed with shoes (like me) or buying High Top Converse platforms, New Balances, Adidas and/or Nike Teknos. Anyone would love a pair of Jordans; they are on the pricier side, but every teen would like some.

The cute yet straightforward black booties are crucial for someone’s closet for the fall and winter seasons. It is easy to pair with any outfit. (Photo DSW)

Black booties are also a staple for the fall and winter season and to go along with that, so are Doc Martians. Knee-high boots are another must for the fall and winter season and they are always in no matter the year. Nike/Adidas are practical for slides, but if you want to splurge, the Gucci Jelly slides are super cute and I feel they will be in for more than one season like we’ve seen these past two years. For a safe bet, buy slippers! 

For your fellow workout buddy, staying hydrated while working out is crucial to a successful workout.

To buy for your workout buddy, any reusable water bottles like HydroFlasks or Yeti’s are good sustainable bottles that anyone will love. Not to offend them, but gift them a new yoga mat or exercise equipment since theirs might be a little ruff around the edges. 

If the “bestie” you are shopping for is techy, buying disposable cameras is very cute and suitable for capturing memories with friends and family. Buying a Polaroid camera fits in well with the camera category too. Purchasing a wireless speaker helps people who run or who like to spend time outside. 

Purchasing gift cards for someone is a safe bet for anyone and you can never go wrong with those. New socks are also perfect to buy with the winter weather here since everyone is constantly losing them.

Whatever you end up getting your friend(s), I’m sure they will love it.