ISSUE 2: Get cozy with the Knight Writers this holiday season

Find out some of the staff’s not so normal traditions for the holidays.


Staff that participated in ‘Weird Holiday Traditions’ neatly packed into a present.

Grace Hilton, Sports Editor

When you celebrate the holiday, you might immediately go to the classics: Put up a tree, hang up decorations, have a nice meal to celebrate the holiday. Sometimes we go out and look at other people’s decorations and enjoy a warm beverage. But, when it comes to the Newspaper staff, the traditions are far from classic.

For Editor-In-Chief, Juno Le, they find their joy from hiding things inside their Christmas tree that do not belong. The tradition includes Le and their sister, putting anything from a tee shirt to a bag of chips in the tree.

“Doing this gives us something to look forward to,” Le said, “When I come home from school and look at the tree, it’s fun seeing like a football sitting in the tree.”

For News Editor Vikram Sambasivan and Staff Writer Jenna Falkowski, their tradition includes opening presents a day or two early. However, each of them still differs in how they celebrate. While Sambasivan spends his holidays on a road trip will bake a strawberry cake for her dad’s birthday, which lands on Christmas day.

“It was always nice because seeing all those gifts under the tree, building up my anticipation, and being able to open one on Christmas Eve always helped me make it through the next 24 hours,” Falkowski said.

In the case of Staff Writer Briana Garcia, there is more than one strange celebration going on at her house. For Christmas, her family will dress up in fun themes. Some of which have previously been mustaches and animal print. They make strawberry pizza, which consists of cookie crust, cream cheese, strawberry glaze and strawberries. All while playing their fair share of their favorite Christmas music on CD.

Opinion Editor Lindsey Chadwick gets to spend the days before Christmas baking with the girls of her family. They spend a day making hundreds of baked goods which are then enjoyed by her family. Their tradition includes chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal bread, peanut butter balls and more.

“This tradition means everything to me. It brings my family together to laugh and enjoy each other’s company while getting to do something really fun together,” Chadwick said.

Newspaper Adviser Joanie Oben has a new family tradition that still manages to make it on the nontraditional list. Her family will get funny pajamas from Costco and match each year.

“We love Costco so much, so it’s so fun to get pajamas depicting people buying giant teddy bears or a huge pizza. Plus, it’s fun to match!” Oben said.

It wouldn’t be the same if the staff had normal holiday traditions, would it? Now that you know all our weird holiday festivities, you can go home and try them for yourself! Have yourself a merry little, staff certified, Christmas.