ISSUE 2: How to have a flawless Christmas Party!

Get festive season with loved ones this season.

Jim, Pam, Dwight and Michael from the show The Office all stand around each other other during a Christmas Party.

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Jim, Pam, Dwight and Michael from the show “The Office” all stand around each other other during a Christmas Party.

Sarai Cochran, Senior Staff Writer

Christmas is right around the corner and is the perfect time to be spent with family and friends. Even though this past year has been rough why not leave off this year with a party?

Here’s a perfect guide to a fantastic Christmas party so you, your family and friends have a great time and celebrate this holiday together.

The number one thing you need at your party is a theme. What do you want it to look like? Do you want a winter theme or a full-on Christmas holiday party?

You could have people dress up in pajamas or characters from Christmas movies. Just make sure there is a specific theme or angle to your party so people know what to bring and how to dress. For example, Everyone could have matching pajamas or it could be as simple as having everyone wear Santa hats.

Another key detail to your party is decorations. What’s a party without decorations? Decorations for Christmas are already being put out so there are endless choices to choose from.

There are so many decorations you could bring. An obvious one could be a Christmas tree with ornaments of your guests, Christmas lights, fake snow or as easy as a Christmas wreath and mini tree with mini ornaments depending on how you want it to look.

People at your party are most likely going to want snacks or something to eat. Maybe you could have everyone bring in something to eat to help you out. Or, if you wanna go all out, you can make your guests food and treats so they never run out of something to eat, then that’s okay too. If you want something more convenient, however, everyone drinking hot cocoa and making dessert together is good as well.

Last but not least Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Christmas movie. There’s an unlimited amount of Christmas movies whether new or old. There are things like the Polar Express or Home Alone so everyone can reminisce on the good times.

Your party doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy because that’s not what it’s all about. Everyone wearing pajamas and watching a movie with some treats and games could be cool too. As long as you have fun and make it your own and everyone has a good time then that’s all that matters.