ISSUE 2: How to survive midterms

Tips and tricks to save your life this exam season.


A google search for how to study reveals nothing, but encourages you to read the school newspaper.

Grace Hilton, Sports Editor

Yet again, the dreadful test is back to haunt the winter season. This means weeks of stress, panic, and an attempt to remember everything you learned is ahead.

Is it even possible to feel confident about midterms, though? Maybe not so much, but here are some good ways to get close.

When: It is always best to study when you are motivated, but that’s not always easy. So, one of the best tips is to really break up the information. If you have a bit of free time, go over just a few things, the main topic, or just make the note cards for the topic. Just make sure to use prep time to your advantage. The #1 internet study tip is to not cram, so give yourself a little time!

Where: Check out “The Hottest Study Spots” by Charlotte Stone on page <->!

What: What’s the worst part of studying? Actually going over the information. For sophomores and upperclassmen, recall what your previous midterms went over. It is likely to be similar to this year’s midterm. Do not try to convince yourself you know something you don’t! View your notes like you are seeing them for the first time and try to relearn everything. Review everything at least once and practice the things you struggle with along with the main ideas.

How: The big question: how? When it comes to approaching, it differs for everyone. Harvard recommends that students space out their studies, take rewarding breaks, and stay healthy. While this may sound stupid and unhelpful, you have to remember that there is more to life than school. Take time off, focus on what you are good at, and never force yourself to work for too long. It pays off in the end.

Motivation: The enemy of high schoolers has to be finding motivation. But, sometimes it isn’t about that. Your motivation is fueled by how you reward yourself. If you study the same topic for hours straight without understanding it, of course, you will feel bad. So, reward yourself for nothing. If you work and it doesn’t go well, at least you worked! Motivation is like a pet: you have to take care of it, feed it, exercise it, and make sure you reward and love it.

One of the first semi-normal years of testing is finally here. You can make neater notes, make flashcards, review your information for 8 hours every night, or not do any of it at all.  That part is up to you. But remember to focus on yourself. How do you learn? How do you focus? So that you can be a little bit more confident about your midterms.