ISSUE 2: Preview: The Start of the Starlets’ Season

The RHS starlets were held auditions on Nov. 15th, 16th, and 17th for this year’s competition season and 16 girls game out.


Photo Juno Le

Sarina Leihy (’24) grins at the stands during the Robinson Marching Band’s Halftime performance at the Plant vs Robinson football game in September.

JC Thaxton, Staff Writer

A starlet is a young actress or performer aspiring to become a star. The RHS starlets are the ones who perform like they are becoming young stars.

Starlet competitions are just like any other competition; competing all in the sport but with different “plays and components.” Every team competes with a different theme with their dance but they’re all competing for the best of the best in the competition.

“Performing arts twist on color guard,” Starlets Coach Siara Espejo said.

Espejo chose the theme and song for this year’s starlet color guard competition. This year, she put the song as a cover of “Landslide” by Robyn Sherwell.  This contains a lot of white as well as a mountain and snowy theme with some sadness and isolation.

“I have thought of and wanted to do this theme for a long time now and I think this can really showcase the skills the kids have been working on as a team. They also have never done a sadder song,” Espejo said.

Every girl is going to have a different reaction and emotion to being a starlet. Some have never done this kind of thing before. Captains on the team help guide the girls and it is always a positive environment; Petra De Jenzano (’23), the Starlet’s spirit leader, makes sure the team is all hype and not nervous whatsoever. The Starlets have many traditions and one of them specifically is very unique. They all get a gummy worm and say all their fears into the gummy worm and then eat it to get rid of all the fears.

The day of competitions, I’m always nervous but once I get to the competition it’s really exciting because we get to hang out and have fun before we perform,” De Jenzano said, “The performance is pretty nerve-wracking but afterward I always feel a sense of accomplishment and I feel really happy.”

One of the senior captains, Joleyne Rodriguez (’22), who has been a part of the starlets for all four of her years at Robinson, says it’s a fun experience and is a great way to meet new people.

“I am looking forward to bonding with the team and traveling to different schools to compete. I’m excited for competitions this year, but sadly [they’re] my last,” Rodriguez said.