ISSUE 2: RHS Instagram Pages Have Gone Too Far

The trends push private and personal boundaries of students without consent.

Briana Garcia, Briana Garcia

I think everyone who attends RHS has seen the Instagram pages, making fun of outfits, body types and even feet…

It all started when sleeping pages for highschool’s started to become the new trend on TikTok. Although everyone had a good laugh at first, students got carried away making other pages to join the “fun”.  There’s a point and time where we need to stop and I think that time is now. The trend has grown old and RHS students have gotten too carried away.

The culprits behind the accounts are still unclear, harassing students with pages like Robinson ugliest outfits, look-a-likes (but not the nice kind), couples, feet and the start of all this madness, “Robinson caught lackin’.” These pages have displayed acts of bullying and harassment even capturing teachers on the accounts as well.  Students can send in photos of friends or people around the school without permission to publicly humiliate them across social media.

I wouldn’t be surprised if administration begins to get involved with the lack of maturity of the RHS students and eliminate the inappropriate accounts. Innocent students are being attacked and rudely compared to insulting animated characters. Photographs of people’s feet are being spread with no consent! It’s upsetting how the environment of Robinson High School is negatively transforming to the point where you have to be cautious of who is secretly taking photos of you. We are here to learn and enjoy time with friends, not be frightened about whether or not you’re going to be posted on one of these insulting and humiliating pages next.

I do realize that this trend will eventually fade out but as usual, students take these funny light-hearted jokes way too far. These RHS pages threaten the privacy of others, which should be protected in an environment like school. They need to come to a stop.