ISSUE 2: Robinson cheer season put to an abrupt halt

Both the head and assistant coach of the Robinson cheer team have stepped down due to personal reasons, resulting in a unexpected stop to the team’s competitive season. 

Ingalls Witte, Staff Writer

After cheering on the football team from the sidelines, the Robinson cheerleaders were anticipating a successful competitive season. However, just a month ago, both the head and assistant coach of the RHS cheer team stepped down- leaving the team without a coach and no hope of continuing the season.

The loss was completely unexpected, especially given the team ranked Gameday top 4 at the National High School Cheer Competition just this year. “Finding out about the loss of my season was definitely not a good feeling,” varsity cheerleader Anabelle Swann said (‘23), “There was lots of confusion and sadness because all of us want to cheer.”

While the change was a difficult adjustment for all, those who suffered the hardest hit were the seniors. “It was so disappointing that the coaches left us. Additionally, it was my senior year and I was so excited to do cheer with my closest friends… it’s so unfortunate it came to an end, ”Amani Haskins (‘22) said.

With the swift end to the season, seniors that have dedicated years of time and effort to the sport must accept their final time as a cheerleader has been cut short. “I was extremely upset because this was my 13th season of cheerleading and would’ve concluded my time in the sport.” Ali Quigley (‘22) said.

Despite the drastic adjustment, Robinson cheerleaders are looking to the future, and already anticipating the next season. “I’m looking forward to next year, but with not knowing who the new coach is will be weird. Once we know what’s happening it will be exciting!” Swann said.