ISSUE 2: The Hottest Spots for Study Season

These local study spots will help you ace this year’s upcoming midterms.


Photo Charlotte Stone

The outdoor seating area of the Buddy Brew located in Hyde Park Village

Charlotte Stone, Features Editor

If you are anything like me, you find it practically impossible to focus, especially when studying.

During the time leading up to midterms, this can add extra, unnecessary stress. But, don’t worry, there is a solution. Studying can get excruciatingly boring if you are just sitting in the same place for hours, but if you decide to get a change of scenery and go to a cafe, you will immediately feel more productive and find it easier to focus. When you are stuck in the same, comfortable spot, it tends to be harder to get motivated and easier to get distracted.

Here are some great local study spots in Tampa to help you ace your midterm exams.

The cozy ambiance created by the cafe’s dim lighting builds a very calming study environment. It has a work-centered environment that is also comfortable to help you focus and stay focused. (Photo Charlotte Stone )

Barnes and Noble: This first option is a classic. Located at 213 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Barnes and Noble is the perfect study spot. Not only does it have a Starbucks cafe located inside, but it also has a very quiet and peaceful environment, which you can’t get at any regular Starbucks. You don’t have to worry about getting hungry since there’s a Starbucks inside. And, if you start to get restless, you can always take a break to walk around and browse through the aisles filled with a multitude of books.


Buddy Brew’s warm lighting and decor induce relaxation while still promoting productivity. Its productive climate mixed with its delicious snacks make the perfect combo for effective studying. (Photo Charlotte Stone)

Buddy Brew: Our next study spot is Buddy Brew. Buddy Brew has a very productive environment. This coffee bar is always filled with students studying or people working. As a result, it is always quite quiet and seeing others work around you will definitely encourage you to study hard. Since Buddy Brew is a chain, there are multiple locations you can stop by, including the ones located at 1605 W Snow Ave, 2020 W Kennedy Blvd and 3304 W Bay to Bay Blvd, among many others.


The homeyness of DI Coffee Bar is accentuated by its mismatched lighting and home decor. This creates a very comforting and relaxed environment that is perfect for studying. (Photo Charlotte Stone )


DI Coffee Bar: Last but not least, a great place to get some studying done is DI Coffee Bar. This cafe has a very homey and relaxing feel. It’s a great place to go if you want to get out of your room, but still feel comfortable and cozy for your studying. And it has an amazing selection of refreshing drinks and pastries. This relaxed coffee bar is located at 214 E Davis Blvd on Davis Islands.

Hopefully, these study spots will help you to stay focused and productive while studying for the upcoming midterms!