ISSUE 2: The magic awaits with Disney’s new movie, “Encanto”

New Disney movie not only embraces Latino culture, but family as well.


Photo Variety

Screencap of the movie showing Mirabel, the main protagonist in her elaborate home.

Jenna Falkowski, Staff Writer

Disney just recently released a new movie called “Encanto” on November 24. It is about the Madrigal family and all of their unique abilities that have helped build up the community that they live in.

I loved how Disney brought a Latino culture into their movies and also showed how family-oriented everyone is. Disney even incorporated Spanglish throughout the movie and the few songs that were sung. This movie had me really into it from beginning to end. When the scene was sad I was teary-eyed and when they switched it up and upbeat I was right there with them.

“Encanto” shows the Madrigal family and all of the gifts they got on their birthday. Some got strength, some are just effortlessly perfect, and then there was Mirabel, who never got anything. She was the only one who did not get a gift and felt outcasted because of it. Her grandma did not help in that either.

Even though Mirabel never received a gift the rest of her family as well as community never failed to let her know she was still just as important. However, things quickly turn bad and Mirabel knows she is the only one who can help save the magic.

This movie never failed to keep me on the edge of my seat. I was right there with Mirabel following her trying to figure out what was wrong or what caused the trouble to break loose. Through all the twists and turns Mirabel never gave up and continued to fight for her family. I even could see a little bit of myself in Mirabel and some other family members. Mirabel is very determined and would do anything to help her family, as would I.

Anyone who watches this movie will be able to see themselves, siblings, parents, and the rest of their family in each of these characters. Which is what makes this movie so special. Yes, other Disney movies of course are family orientated and teach you that there will always be someone who has your back. However, this movie specifically shows you first-hand things that families go through. “Encanto” shows people that no family is perfect.  I really loved how this movie was able to shine a light on how even if you have nothing, you know that you always have your family sticking beside you ready to pick you up right where you fell.

Even if Disney movies or animated movies, in general, are not really your cup of tea you should definitely check this movie out. It reminds you of the little things in life that you take for granted without even realizing it. This movie is sure to be loved by many and those that are interested should give it a watch.