ISSUE 2: Unfortunate Loss for Girls Soccer

One of their roughest games yet this season.

Juno Le and Nicolas Diaz

As of thus far, there is no clear view of what the girls soccer season looks like for the Knights.

Robinson’s girls soccer team played a home game against the Sickles High School Gryphons on Friday, Nov. 19 and faced their first loss of the season.

The Knights eventually scored their first goal from Evelyn Pham (’24) before the end of the first half. The Sickles game saw the third goal Pham scored so far this season.

Regardless, the Gryphons still held the game’s favour, finishing halftime 2-1 with the Knights falling behind.

The Knights didn’t have it any easier in the second half, gaining zero points for their side and trailing behind Sickles, who earned another five points. The Gryphons ended the game against the Robinson Knights 7-1, leaving Jack Peters Stadium with their fifth win of the season.

Following this game, the Knights would play against the Steinbrenner High School Warriors on Dec. 3 and be hit with another loss of 8-1. This puts the Knights at two overall wins for the season and three losses. They have four more games following the Steinbrenner game to turn the season around before break.