ISSUE 2: Your Winter Clothing Basics for this season

Your guide to 2021 Winter Fashion.


Photo Allie Barton

With dressing up for winter, neutrals and fun sweaters are seen with online stores like White Fox Boutique and Princess Polly.

Allie Barton, Social Media Editor

The cold front season for Florida’s forecast is here, and we are all thriving at the moment! With the change in weather, it’s time to show for more clothing to stay warm this season. This season for clothing is more earth tones and a mix of the holiday spirit of red and Christmas green.

When organizing outfits together for plans with friends and family, we must know what we should pick out in stores or online. So, what is “fashionable” and what’s not? For winter 2021 in Florida, it can be hard to plan outfits since we don’t get winter like other states in the country, but we can still keep up with this season’s items.

Seen on Ariana Grande, you can see how she styled a winter “coat” with a short dress. (Photo

When looking online for influence, such as Emma Chamberlain, Ariana Grande, Tyler the Creator, you see trench coats, blazers, boots, leather clothing, sweaters, and midi/mini skirts. These are also shown on websites like Pinterest, H&M, and Princess Polly. To shop efficiently and sensibly, shop for the “basic” items. I do not intend to go for the out-of-season items; shop for the vital pieces you need to build an outfit.

To visualize this, buy black, beige/brown, or white baby tees to go with fun pants like dress pants or leather pants. This also applies with any tops such as turtle necks or any long-sleeved shirt. For shoes, black doc martin loafers and knee-high boots are timeless shoes to buy for adding with any fall or winter outfit. Buying pleaded/leather skirts are all-year pieces we recognize worn around wintertime. I feel investing in any cardigans/sweaters is crucial to winter since, in our lovely peninsula, this is the only time we look cute and be comfortable.

After getting the basics, you can buy more fun, non-everyday pieces, such as jeans with fun designs or non-neutral sweaters, jackets or long-sleeves. You can start to piece these items together. By gathering these basics, you can form cute outfits and add on a winter jacket or coat.

After finally piecing clothes into outfits, adding rings, headpieces or bags to outfits help tie the look together. (Photo

If you want to add even more to your winter pieces… accessorize! Winter tones go perfectly with sliver and gold-designed jewelry. To add to an outfit, clipping some mini gold hoops on with a gold necklace or two lays out a nice, clean look.

I’ll be sticking with my earth tones in the next couple of months, styling black and white booties with some fun gold earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.