ISSUE 4: Flag Football Pushes On

Robinson’s Flag Football team is giving it their all this season.


Photo Nicolas Diaz

Cambell Moore (’24) running past Strawberry Crest defenders to score.

Salma Boughdiri, Staff Writer

This year Robinson’s flag football team has achieved many goals and won numerous games, ultimately marking them the number one team in the state at the moment. The team’s current goal is to win the state championship.

“We won five in a row, so anything could be less than that obviously in terms of winning, that [the state championship] has to be the goal. But obviously our goal all the time is to improve our general team and I think with our group of freshmen and sophomores we have done that,” Coach Joshua Saunders said.

The team consists of 41 members, with the biggest class being sophomores. Even though a lot of the players are somewhat new, they play quite well and have advanced to a great extent.

One of the team captains Brianna Stearns (’22) said, “On varsity, we have a couple people that came up from JV, but we do have a lot of younger kids this year.”

When big games are approaching, the team likes to practice the basics. 

Stearns said, “We just practice the little things, catching balls and pulling flags, we do scout teams to see what other teams are going to do.”

This is not Stearns’ first year as captain, as she was also the junior varsity captain last year.

“We have a head captain and then there are three other captains on varsity. We just help organize team bonding activities and help lead the stretches and the jumping jacks before and after games,” stated Stearns.

Coach Saunders feels confident in this year’s team.

“I think they are doing a pretty good job for the most part. We are the number one team in the state right now so if we continue to do the things that we are supposed to do I think we have a good chance to be at the state championship,” Saunders said.