ISSUE 4: Best Summer Jobs for Students

Summer is the perfect time for a job, it’s time to get started on it!

Keirra McGoldrick, Staff Writer

Summer jobs are a big topic for high school students this time of year. When there’s no time during the year, summer is the perfect time to get an idea on how the job world works. For some, summer is a great option to start their first job and keep on a routine similar to school days.

Some jobs teenagers could take part in this summer could be becoming a dog walker, babysitter, being a lifeguard, or even working at a fast food or retail job like McDonald’s or Chick-fil-a. If it’s a good fit for you, you can even continue it into the new school year just as a part-time experience.

Simple, non-franchise, jobs such as dog walking, babysitting and house sitting are great options for those just entering the job world and it teaches people responsibility and accountability that is necessary for careers in the future. “Getting a summer job can boost many skills and habits that can carry throughout a career.” Tara Struyk says on why summer jobs can be beneficial in the long run.

Baby sitting and dog walking jobs can be easily attained by simply asking around and seeing if anyone needs what job you’re offering to give like babysitting, dog walking, house sitting etc.

Working at a movie theater or becoming a life guard are also great options for over the summer especially life guarding because of all the people visiting the beaches and pools this time of year.

Other more “traditional” types of jobs people think of when you say the words “summer jobs” would typically be something along the lines of fast food or retail. Sometimes the more traditional route isn’t a bad one at all. Teenagers tend to lean more this direction when thinking of a part-time job over the summer that could also continue into the school year.

Summer is just an amazing opportunity to put yourself and getting a job over the summer enhances the possibilities of meeting new people and becoming a more responsible individual.