ISSUE 4: Talent Show Story

The first talent show since 2020 took place on April 14.

Grace Hilton, Sports Editor

Last year, COVID-19 stopped all school events from taking place, including the yearly talent show. Now, the Tri-M Club has decided that they would host the show and bring back one of the highlights of the year for musically inclined students.

This show is special because of the cash prize offered to the top three winners. The auditions started at the end of March and closed on April 1. During the show, there were a total of twelve acts, including Maureen Pelamati and Aline Loges as exhibit performances. The show lasted an hour and had a large turnout of friends and family of performers.

From drumming to singing to dancing, the show had a large range of talent that made for an interesting show.

After the show had ended, each performer stood on stage next to one another. Mr. Revitt announced the winners from last place to first.

In third place, Priya Sambasivan and Lucy Frank. Frank played guitar and sang “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” by Panic! At The Disco alongside Sambasivan.

In second place, Jayden Fernandez performed “Bitter Sweet,” a self-written song, which was performed on piano.

“I was excited and I hope that people liked my song,” said Fernandez.

In first, Hunter Patterson sang “On My Own” by Les Misérables, which won her the first place cash prize.

“I was surprised because I’ve done the talent show two years before, my freshmen year and my sophomore year, both years I didn’t win,” Paterson said, “I kind of went back to my roots, which is musical theater. So, I went back to a song I used to audition with.”

The show was able to raise money and celebrate the talent of Robinson High School.