Quiz: What does your TikTok “FYP” look like?

Take this quiz to discover which “side” of TikTok you’re on

Hanna Malone, Sports Editor

The TikTok For You Page, or “FYP”  is specifically tailored to suit a user’s particular interests. The elaborate algorithm allows users to be presented with content that is directly targeted towards them. This is determined through the genre of videos in which they interact with, most frequently through likes, shares and comments.

However, you might come to realize that your friend group’s “FYP” looks sort of similar, as you probably share some of the same interests! Or, on the other hand, you guys could be on polar ends of the TikTok cosmos and be complete opposites.

There are a few different “sides” of TikTok: take this quiz and I’ll make a guess as to what kind of videos you see most often while scrolling through the app.