RHSToday in Fashion: Bundled Up This Winter

Layering through the cold with Quenten Erickson (‘25)


Erickson stays warm with his favorite jacket and thrifted tee.

Briana Garcia

Staying warm this winter, Quenten Erickson (‘25) layers up his outfit with amazing thrift finds adding his favorite accessories to complete his everyday look.

How are you staying warm in the cold weather?
“Layers are my favorite way to stay warm, it makes me look more put together and adds to the outfit.”

What’s your favorite part of your outfit today?

“Definitely my jacket, it ties the look all together with the simple neutral tones.”

What are your outfit essentials? 

“Denim and cargo pants, graphic tees, button-ups for layering, leather jackets, and rings. I typically always wear these pieces together and keep it a good and simple way to stay warm.”

Who inspires your fashion?

“Jonas Halvorsen, he has such a unique but laid-back style that I always look for in my fashion.”

Do you prefer a certain color palette?

“I always try and stick to neutral tones since they’re so easy to pair together”

A pair of his favorite cargos and dress shoes, Quenten tops off his look with simple gold and silver jewelry!

Do you prefer to look nice or comfy?

”I really enjoy being comfy since it’s just school, but looking nice is always a plus!”

How do you plan your outfits?

“I typically plan them the day of so I wake up and dress for the weather or how I feel that day”

Erickson sticks to his usual neutral-toned outfit that flows perfectly in cohesion being able to rewear outfits that goes with everything.