Quiz: Which RHSToday editor are you?


Photo Juno Le

The ten editors of RHSToday and Knight Writers. Top row (from left to right): Juno Le (’23), Zoe Thaxton (’23), Samuel Elliott (’22), Cecilia Cheng (’24) and Charlotte Stone (’24). Bottom row (from left to right): Pim Kruthun (’22), Vikram Sambasivan (’24), Lindsey Chadwick (’22), Allie Barton (’24) and Grace Hilton (’24).

Juno Le, Editor-in-Chief

RHSToday and Knight Writers has recently welcomed some new members to the editorial board to include a few first year staffers.

Newspaper editors review stories and advise the writers on how to improve their work before it gets published either on the website or in the paper. Robinson High School’s student newspaper is composed of three managing editors and seven section editors.

Take this quiz to find out which editor you’re most like. Be sure to tag @robinsonknights on Instagram with your results.