Pete Packs It Up

Alexandra Peterson and Hannah Elliott

After 20 years of teaching at Robinson High School, Mark Peterson, affectionately known as Coach Pete, will take role for the last time on Friday, September 14th. Peterson has been a fixture on campus since 1982, has worked with seven principals, has seen almost 7000 students graduate, and over a dozen of those become his coworkers.

“It’s like night and day,” said Peterson, comparing the way Robinson then and Robinson now.

He started out as a track and football coach, teaching special education during the day Because Mr. Peterson had a business education degree, he only taught special education for five years and then moved on to teaching business and marketing classes.  He also started the popular DECA club. Now, he works as business and sports manager, and has welcomed three new sports into Robinson over the years. Recently, Peterson has decided to retire after his many years serving Robinson.  Peterson isn’t sure what he plans to do in retirement.

“Whatever I want to do,” said Peterson with a laugh.

Peterson will continue to be the business manager for Robinson, he just won’t be on campus all the time.

“I’m glad I still have my foot in the door here,” he said. “I’m retiring but not leaving.”

Students will still see him at most sporting events, selling the tickets just as he has been for the past 20 years.