Student Government Announces Dress Up Days for Spirit Week

Laura Verkyk, Editor-In_Chief Yearbook

Homecoming week is almost here and it is time for students to begin planning their wardrobe for spirit week. Student Government recently announced the dress up days so there is no excuse good enought to keep everyone from planning their costumes.

Monday: October 8 – Pink Day. Help promote Breast Cancer Awareness and come head to toe wearing your brightest pinks.

Tuesday: October 9 – Twin Day. Celebrate your other half and dress alike on a day where showing up to school in the same outfit is okay.

Wednesday: October 10 – Decade Day. Pick your favorite decade from the sock-hoppin’ 50’s to the roaring 20’s or a peace-loving hippie, disco diva or 80’s glam.

Thursday: October 11 – Cowboys v. Indians Day

Friday: October 12 – Class Colors Day. Freshmen wear silver, sophomores wear black, juniors wear grey and seniors wear white.