Interview with Howl-O-Scream Sub-Actor Cheyenne Bennett-Ramos


Antonia Gaertner, Staff Writer

What was it like to audition?

It was crazy! We had to go back and forth, pretending to dig a hole with no shovel. Then we had to be a newborn werewolf, and every time Alex [Crow] snapped his fingers, we had to die. Then we had to act like we were being possessed. I remember everyone rolling on the floor screaming! Then we had to keep dying when Alex snapped his fingers. We had to be possessed and not fight it. Lastly we had to act like a crazed clown. I skipped around laughing my head off.

Alex told us that he tests everybody auditioning by seeing if they can scare him. We’re you able to scare Crow?

I don’t feel like I scared him, but I went behind one of the scare walls and I was writhing on the floor screaming at him! He expected it, so I’m not sure if he was really scared.

Were you mentored by the returning actors?

Some of them gave me tips. On the first night one of the actresses, Ms. Debbie,  tries to train me but I was so lost! I was being timid and not scaring anyone. But I’ve really gotten the hang of it. Once I got hit in the face.

How did you get hit in the face? What did you do?

I scared this girl pretty badly and she flinched and hit me in the mouth! The other person working my shift escorted her out and I got my lip fixed. There weren’t any problems after that.

What’s your favorite part about being an actress at Howl O’ Scream?

I love being a sub actress because I get to do a new thing every night. It’s very different from your average, run-of-the-mill job.

Which character do you enjoy portraying the most?

It’s tied between playing Dana in Nightshade and Trixie in Blood Asylum.

What’s Trixie in Blood Asylum like?

That’s my favorite character! I have red eyeliner and dark eye shadow, and I wear a strait jacket.  I don’t want to give too much away, but my partner Barry and I work together to emphasize each other’s scares.  This house is the scariest house in my opinion. It scares me even to work in it.

Any suggestions for aspiring Howl-O-Scream actors and actresses?

To get hired, don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Make sure you do all you can to impress the judges and do everything they want. Once you’re hired, do not be afraid to talk to your fellow cast members, because they can become like a second family. Stretch before every shift, and make sure to get lots of sleep and drink lots of caffeine!