Twin Life

Who’s Nesha? Who’s Neha? Take on the challenge!

Meng Fei Shen

“Stop copying me!” “No, you stop copying me!” “Why are you such a jerk?” If you have a sibling close in age, does this sound somewhat familiar? Well, imagine someone having the same look (almost..), same parents, same birthday, and same teachers, as you. To Neha and Nesha Shamsuddin, and Lauren and Alex Peterson, their life revolves around people mistaking one for the other and being accompanied by their twin almost ALL the time.

“[The biggest difference about having a twin is] probably that I have a person there, pretty much 24/7,” Alex Peterson explained. But Alex and Lauren ensure each other some separate family times; while one stays at their grandma’s house, the other remains home, and then they exchange positions, this way, they’ll both be able to experience the individual love and attention. But even with the often-shared attention, Alex wouldn’t give her current twin life up for anything, “The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages,” she noted.

In contrary to Alex and Lauren, Nesha and Neha prefer the other side, “There’s too much to handle and everyone always gets you confused.” But they still had to admit that sharing clothes is a major advantage on top of getting help with homework. Nesha and Neha have already established that when they grow up, they’ll marry, have kids, and be next-door neighbors for the rest of their lives.