Moody’s Megamath Challenge

Judi Charley-Sale

A team of five Robinson High School seniors placed 4th nationally in the 2013 Moody’s Mega Math Challenge—Waste Not, Want Not: Putting Recyclables in Their Place.

This year’s math challenge asked teams to address the issue of plastic waste filling our nation’s landfills, come up with the best recycling methods for US cities to implement based on their demographics, and recommend guidelines for nationwide recycling standards.

Robinson was initially selected as one of the top 6 out of 1,054 submissions. They competed against the other five finalists and presented their findings to a panel of judges on April 29 in New York City. The Robinson team received a scholarship of  $7,500.

Four of the five students who competed in the final round attend Robinson’s International Baccalaureate program. They include Lauren Lopez, Ravi Patel, Christopher Sipes, Dylan Wang, and Anna Yannakopoulos.

Click here to see their winning solution that earned them fourth in the nation.