This one time, at band camp…

Christine Bocchino, RHSToday Editor-in-Chief

Band Camp: One full week of playing, marching, spinning, and dancing in preparation for the Marching Knights’ epic halftime marching show.

“Band camp is a way for us to start Marching Season as early as possible,” said Kevin Mutchnick (’14).  “It’s our most productive day of the year, and basically like a big cram session.”

Before school began, the band spent the week bonding and working on three songs for the highly anticipated marching show.

“There’s going to be more than just music and marching; some interaction,” said Noah Fatica (’14). “The attitude has changed, the band is more serious and focused.”

The change of pace in the program this year is partially the attitude of the new band students; the freshmen. Band camp was a way for them to become integrated into the family and learn a thing or two about their instruments to bring into this new school year.

“It [was] hard, but worth it, getting practice in and getting memorizing done,” said Austin Gill (’17) a first-year band student.

The band kicked off the season on a high note (no pun intended), and this year they expect to perform their most successful show as they continue to perfect the dramatic “1941” World War II-themed marching show.

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