Survey Says…

Christine Bocchino, RHSToday Editor-in-Chief

Edline vs. Edsby…that is the question.

The question which has repeatedly been addressed since the introduction of the new academic site.

The new site, Edsby, functions like Facebook, where students can choose a profile picture, and teachers can make wall posts of messages for their classes but  it has not been getting as much positive attention from students as Facebook does. The aim of the site is to combine social networking with an online gradebook, the old task of Edline.

But what do students prefer? Survey says…

“Edline, because everyone’s already familiar with it and it was working fine before.” (Hannah Sheppard, ’17)

“Edline, because it can switch languages.” (Deshawn Weathers, ’17)

Most students in Sheppard and Weathers’ freshman class actually preferred Edline over the alternative, after testing the new site, because of its easy-to-use nature.

Will the new addition encourage students’ academics because of the aspect of social media, or will we miss Edline’s simplicity?

Tell us your opinion below!

Edline or Edsby?

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