Are You Prepared for Picture Day? It’s Monday, Sept. 23

Claire Chen, Staff Writer

Girls adjust their accessories and clothes nervously. Boys run their hands through their hair one more time, aiming for the perfect messy ‘do. Picture day is coming.

On Sept. 23, all Robinson High School students and faculty will congregate in the auditorium for school pictures taken by Lifetouch. In order for this day to go smoothly, the school has set a few procedural guidelines.

For traditional students, they will be escorted to the auditorium by their English teacher at the beginning of their English class period. Teachers will hand out “sit cards” and once everyone has been photographed, the teacher will escort their students back to class.

The IB schedule is a little more complicated. Freshmen and sophomores take their pictures during their JA period, at which time they will check in with their JA teacher, get their picture taken in the auditorium and report back to JA. IB juniors will go directly to the auditorium after lunch for pictures. Teachers will take attendance there and enter it in the system when they return.

As for the teachers, good news! They will not have to wait in line as they will receive “sit cards” and go directly to the photographer. Teachers with conference periods or without homerooms will go during that conference period or homeroom period, respectively. However, IB teachers will be photographed directly after school until 3:15.

Last week, all students (excluding seniors) should have received a picture day form. Parents will need to either a) send with the form a check for Lifetouch, b) send exact cash with the form, or c) go to the Student Picture day link on this website and pay online (put the confirmation code on the form instead).

With a little cooperation, this day will go by smoothly. Happy Picture Day!