Locked Doors Key to Preventing Theft

A car sits parked in the senior parking lot Wednesday morning. Students should be extra careful to lock their cars and bring all valuables inside with them due to the robberies, and never leave any type of driver’s license in their cars.

Isabel Hanewicz, Staff Writer

Before the final bell Tuesday afternoon, the administration offered a warning to students: lock you car doors and take your valuables with you.

For senior Madison Hull, the warning came too little, too late. Hull’s car was broken into late last week while parked in the student parking lot.

“I remember leaving it locked, but it probably was not since there was not a scratch on the exterior of the car,” Hull said. “When I opened my door everything in the glovebox or that was stowed away was thrown onto the floor, and there was missing money.”

Thankfully for Hull, some loose cash was all the thieves took, and they left her more important documents, like driver’s license, in the car.

In order to prevent theft, students are reminded not just to lock their car doors, but also take all valuables such as laptops, wallets, or cell phones into school with them,as senior Kate Weachter reported that her car was broken into although it was locked. Also, students should be careful with their valuables while at school, and not let anything of value out of their sight during the school day.

At this time, the burglar(s) have not been caught, and no further information was available about the thefts from the administration.

Any students whose cars was broken into or who has information regarding the robberies should see the Officer Jorden in the Student Affairs Office or contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-873-TIPS.