Come Abroad with Mrs. Militello!


The Neuschwanstein Castle, in southern Germany, is one of the spots students will travel to during the June 2014 trip. The 19th century castle receives over 1.3 million visitors annually and was used as inspiration for the Cinderella Castle in Disney World.

Isabel Hanewicz, Staff Writer

Mrs. Militello will be taking two groups of students to travel throughout Europe, one in Thanksgiving and one in June 2014, through EF tour groups this year. The trips will help students learn about the history and culture of other countries, and gain a more global understanding of the world, Militello says.

“It seemed like a really good experience,” junior Michael Remon said. “It will be fun to get to see all the different cultures.”

Remon is traveling during Thanksgiving, along with six other RHS students. Although he has been to the Bahamas, Cuba, and Canada before, this will be Remon’s first time visiting Europe.

For freshman Daniel Haidermota, the summer 2014 trip will also be his first time overseas.

“I’m most excited for Germany, to see the concentration camps,” Haidermota said. “I like history and learning about the past.”

Along with Dachau- which was one of the first concentration camps the Nazis established- the students traveling on the summer trip will visit London, Paris, Lucerne, and Munich.

Although it is too late to sign up for the Thanksgiving trip, registration for the summer trip is still open. A meeting for all students interested in traveling to Europe this summer with Mrs. Militello will be held tonight at 6:30 PM at Jan Platt Library in the Whit. Room. The total cost of the trip is $3,675, which includes everything except lunches and tips.

The trip is open to all, not just RHS students. For more information on the trip contact Mrs. Militello at [email protected] or click here.