Christine Bocchino, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

The tradition of Homecoming has been consistent for nearly 50 years at Robinson. But this year, Friday’s Homecoming game doesn’t mark the end of Homecoming week, but the beginning. That’s right – the dance is next Saturday, despite the game on Friday.

Why?” seems to be the question we’re all asking. The dance was originally planned for next Saturday, but next week’s away game forced the school to hold the Homecoming game this Friday.

“When I first heard about it, I thought it was completely ridiculous; like, what even!” Hannah Keen (’14) said. “But there was probably some kind of extenuating circumstance or reason for it. But it’s still ridiculous.”

Other seniors agreed with Keen’s initial reaction after they heard the schedule of their last high school Homecoming week.

“The Homecoming game is to get us pumped for the [dance],” said Madison Scanlan –

– “…but now it’s not,” Teresa Kee agreed. “I don’t hate it; I just think it’s weird.”

The student government justified the decision through Guadalupe Tellez (’14), the Senior Class President.

“Our reservation was made a long time ago; if we could have changed it we would,” said Tellez. “But on the bright side, the Homecoming King and Queen are announced tomorrow, so they’re going to know a week early so they can get more glory!”