Ketchums’ Anniversary Surprise

Sanaya Tamboli

Christine Bocchino, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

Cheers and applause sounded as Matthew Ketchum approached the senior lunch area with a bouquet of red roses.

But the roses were just phase 1. Ketchum and his entire homeroom already had a plan to celebrate his one-year anniversary with Aline Loges, their Theory of Knowledge teacher.

“A couple weeks ago, Kevin Mutchnick (’14) mentioned something, and my homeroom students agreed that we should do something as a group,” said Ketchum.

One student, Kristen Miranda (’14), took the initiative and made shirts that spelled out ‘Happy 1st Anniversary!’ A few other students suggested playing the Ketchums’ wedding song, You Are the Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne, and brought speakers to bring to an unsuspecting Mrs. Loges.

“[We] wanted Mr. Ketchum to sing, and he was completely opposed to that idea,” said Miranda.

Instead of eating lunch with his wife, Ketchum went on a covert mission – to the florist to buy flowers and get prepared to shock Mrs. Loges.

“She really likes to be surprised,” Ketchum said.

And was she ever. 18 students wordlessly entered her class blasting her wedding song, followed by an excited Mr. Ketchum.

“I was thinking, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and I hoped I didn’t cry too much,” Loges reminisced.

After tears and applause, more seniors, followed by more teachers, came in the classroom to witness the event, chanting “KISS, KISS, KISS!”

So, does Mr. Ketchum feel any pressure to go even bigger next year?

“Possibly, but I figure the 1st anniversary is a big one, so maybe I’ll plan something even bigger for the 5th,” Ketchum said. With the help of his seniors, of course.