Kelly Ring: Small Town, Big Dreams

Chris Myers


Cassidy Gunderson, KNN Reporter

Kelly Ring, Fox 13 evening news anchor, visited Robinson High School for the Great American Teach-In to talk about her dream, and now career becoming a reporter. Ring’s path to her journalism career had modest beginnings.

“I just loved writing,” she said. “One of my teachers encouraged me to pursue that dream.”

She was born in a small town in Arkansas, but ended up graduating from the University of Missouri, earning her a degree in journalism.

“I loved writing and planned to be a print reporter,” she said. “But one of my professors told me there was a need for female broadcast reporters.”

Over the years, Ring has covered many important events, from hurricanes to political events. She has even traveled as far as Russia and Saudi Arabia to cover stories. For her work, Ring has won three Emmy Awards.