December Quest to be the Best Winners

Isabel Hanewicz, Staff Writer

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Congratulations to the December “Quest to be the Best” winners!
Kayla Arias – nominated by Ms. Allison
Samuel Galusha – nominated by Ms. Vassey
Isaiah Rodway – nominated by Ms. Pursifull
Megan McLaughlin – nominated by Ms. Maddox
Alexandria Jackson – nominated by Mrs. Demma
Jocelyn Dubiel – nominated by Mr. Bush
Keldric Preston – nominated by Ms. Maddox
Felisha Rivera – nominated by Mrs. Kowalik
Brittney Lee – nominated by Ms. Allison
Asha Madi – nominated by Mrs. Allison
Danielle Smith – nominated by Mrs. McGarr
Soha Ibrahim – nominated by Ms. Trish Griffin
Elijah Ortega – nominated by Ms. Haire
Kyle Bustami – nominated by Ms. Kersey
Anthony Boldac – nominated by Ms. Julie Griffith
Jonathan Gamble – nominated by Mrs. Bass. “He’s so reliable, he comes in and delivers newspapers without fail, even when I’m not here,” said Bass.
Matt Lehr – nominated by Ms. Webb
Jobin Weiss – nominated by Mrs. Demma
Fredrick Stanford – nominated by Sra. Landron. “He always helps me, like when I am carrying books, and always helps others in Spanish,” said Landron.
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Isabel Hanewicz, RHStoday Editor-In-Chief
Isabel Hanewicz is a senior at Robinson High School and is the editor-in-chief of RHStoday. She was named the 2014 Emerging Young Journalist of the Year for the state of Florida. Walking without tripping is not one of her talents, so please do not give her any breakable objects. She is also known to slow down computers...
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December Quest to be the Best Winners