Solo and Ensemble: Preview

Gabriela O'Brion, Staff Writer

On February 22nd, students from the Robinson High School Band will be competing in the Solo and Ensemble at Alonso High School.  They will perform for a group of judges who will provide a score based on their performance.

“I have participated [in the Solo and Ensemble Event] two years in the past, and it was a great experience. I’m so excited.” Said Larissa Krinos (’17).

Students who are participating in the event must choose to compete solo, or as a duet, quintet and so on. They are also required to choose their own music, and if needed, bring a piano accompanist.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I think this will help me become a better musician.” Said Cameron Gerus (’17).

The Judges score the performances on a rating scale ranging from ‘Good’ to ‘Superior’. In addition, they provide feedback based on the students’ performance, as well as advice on how the student can improve as a musician.

“Last time, they gave me a lot of advice on how to improve on my playing that helped me a lot.” Said Krinos.

The advice given by the judge can be very beneficial to the students. In addition, participation in this, and similar events is considered when students are chosen for leadership positions in the band.