Robinson Jazz Band Earns Straight Superiors


Robinson Jazz Band at MPA on Friday, Feb. 7

Claire Hawley, Staff Writer

Robinson’s Jazz Band earned all superiors at MPA held on Feb. 7 at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

Superior is the highest rating a group can earn in a musical performance and Robinson achieved it.  The Jazz Band met at the fair grounds dressed the part and ready to perform.  Many Robinson students and parents came to support them.  Their performance was highly rated by judges, but some performers think it wasn’t their best.

“I have high expectations and I feel like the judges scored higher than what we deserved,” Charles Ford III said. “We definitely did a lot of things right and played good jazz music but I’m not too sure about straight superiors.”

A lot of work went into this performance.  They had only seven rehearsals to learn and put together two pieces, including one that morning.

“The Jazz Band rehearsals were very productive and important for the final outcome of MPA,” freshman trombone player Eric Hawley said. “We really worked on balance and blending to get the good jazz sound.”

In that one hour of rehearsal, the group worked on both pieces, fixing small sections and even making last minute changes.

The Jazz Band is scheduled to perform again at the Spring Concert on May 23.