March Sadness

March Sadness

Catia Sleet , Staff Writer

The March Madness results upset numerous students who created brackets. Before the college basketball tournament began, students created the best bracket they thought possible and even competed with their peers.

One student who participated was Brennan Ausloos. Out of forty students, his bracket was in first place.

“My bracket survived because I put UConn in the finals,” said Ausloos.

Other students were not so lucky. Sophomore Trevor Debus was in last place in the same competition as Ausloos.

“My bracket was done for when Michigan State lost. Every team in my final four got knocked out,” said Debus.

Junior Erin McGuire sighed when asked about her bracket.

“Everything was bad. I wish I could’ve done it over again and picked different teams,” said McGuire. 

An enormous amount of people’s brackets were compromised by one game. For example, when No. 3 Duke lost to No. 14 Mercer in the first round, gasps were heard across the nation. 

Sophomore Andrew Moss’s bracket was ruined entirely by one game.

“The most devasting loss to my bracket was when Louisville lost to Kentucky,” said Moss.

The competition for the perfect bracket was due to the bragging rights and possible cash prize. However, no such March Madness bracket was created.

The National Championship for men’s college basketball is between Connecticut and Kentucky, tonight at 9:10 on CBS.